Got sucked into revisions yesterday

I’d intended to work on both projects, but revisions were calling louder. (They’re what I’ve been working on so far this morning, too.) I got through over ninety pages of material, including about fifteen handwritten pages of new material. I get more words on a handwritten page than a typewritten one, by the way, so it was a pretty prolific day, too.

And I was talking about the revisions with Matt — something I rarely do since I am inarticulate to the point of incoherence when trying to discuss a work in progress verbally — and told him about the way I planned to fix one of the problems Diana had pointed out. I managed to get through my explanation, and he nodded, thought for about three seconds, and said, “I’ve got it. This is even better.” And gave me an idea so breathtaking and so moving I get tears in my eyes every time I think about it. It’ll take some rewriting to incorporate, but … damn … will it ever be worth it.

Today, revisions exclusively. I’m in tight focus mode, and having too much trouble shifting gears into the other book, with its different characters and rules, to expend the effort. I’m about three days from finishing this if I just stick with it. So for the next three days, I think that’s what I’ll do.

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