Got Some Words

By Holly Lisle

Right. Some words. Not as many words as I needed, and not words in which I have any faith. I need conflict between the two main characters, and also sparks, and though I had some of those back when the damned thing was rolling, at the moment I seem to have ….

Well, not conflict. Not sparks. I have something, dammit. I have whole friggin’ pages of something.

Perhaps the problem is that I’m transitting, in a situation where how my heroes get to where they’re going contains essential ingredients of the resolution of the book. Talyn gets both Part A and Part B of the actual solution to this thing from this trip. But she doesn’t yet realize what she’s discovered, and in consequence the trip reads like … well, driving. On horseback, with magic, with an army on her tail. But still … just … driving.

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