Got my words on Wishbone Conspiracy

Got a good chunk of the novel note-carded with my current best ideas on how it will go, and wrote a big chunk of words of background and outlining, plus 1151 words of the actual story.

And I like what I got.

This being Saturday, I’m not supposed to be writing fiction. Saturday and Sunday are BOTH supposed to be days off.

But I was one day short on my Patreon hours because of a doctor’s appointment on Thursday — news on that was all good, incidentally.

So I figure the three hours I put in today will cover that.

No snippets right now.  I want to get into the flow on this thing first, make sure I’m heading in the right direction.

Then I’ll drop a few hints.

But I’m very happy. It’s so cool to bet writing Cady from her own point of view again.

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2 responses to “Got my words on Wishbone Conspiracy”

  1. dragon Avatar

    Glad things are working out well for you! Just took a look at the thing I was gonna run through the revision class and discovered about half of it is background and not necessary … At least the words are flowing for both of us.

  2. Mike Lucas Avatar

    Hurray for the note-cards, the 1151, and the big chunk of background words!

    (Also, hurray for all good doctor’s appointment!)

    Piers Anthony, here you come…

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