Got ALL of Chapter 7 today — 4080 words, and JOY! (And a total count of 43,265)

Today’s writing turned into what’s mostly a dark, mean chapter — there’s a lot of bad stuff going on for my MC and someone really important to her.

Except for this one luminous, beautiful moment that made come together and just really sing.

This was one of the chapters I got very close to right in the previous draft. And the key to it was a moment from my own childhood, when I was very young — probably no more than four or five — and was watching my mother hang laundry on a line on a late-spring morning.

That doesn’t sound like a scene from a horrifying adventure — and it wasn’t. It was just the thing my MC hung onto while being basically devoured by the adventure.

Happy, happy writing day today — lot of new words.

What I didn’t get was ANYTHING on the new big course I’m building. I got sucked into Ohio, and the words, and lost all track of time, and just fell in love while also scaring my own socks off.

So tomorrow might be a pure writing-a-writing-class day, to make up for not doing that today.

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1 month ago

There, all caught up! <laughter> Sounds like this is going really well.

Reply to  dragon
1 month ago

It is… They are. It’s amazing what going through and outlining with evil aforethought — and then sticking to the damned outline — will do for a book. BOOKS…

Last edited 1 month ago by Holly
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