Got 516 words on my Kellow Tower story

Kellow Tower
Kellow Tower

Over the weekend while playing in my map, I had a huge breakthrough on my Kellow Tower story.

Not going to let you know what it was, but it completely changed the way I see the world in which I’m writing, and the relationships between my main characters. And in one case, even who a main character is.

But here’s my story sentence:

One captive among forty-five aliens discovers the secret of the Tower in which they are imprisoned, and joins the fight to save her captor and his dying race.

And this morning’s writing went really well.

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  1. Rabea Scholz Avatar
    Rabea Scholz

    Holly, I only just saw this. Can’t put into words how HAPPY I am for you, having read your post about the “tiny little sprout” only just coming back to life. This has got to be one of the best feelings on earth, coming slowly and carefully out of a dry spell, full of hope. And then to have such a great breakthrough so soon. I’m literally smiling for you over here because I sooo know what that is like. 🙂

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