Good writing day, plus starting into rebuilding the HTTS site

Today has gone pretty well. In spite of major napping, I managed to write 1220 words on Create A World Clinic. Working on the Tube Of Toothpaste World now, and why it matter.s 😀

And I’m rebuilding the core pages of the How To Think Sideways site to make it 1) easy to navigate, 2) easy to join, and 3) easy to understand why you might WANT to join (as well as making it easy for folks who WON’T be happy there to know it before they sign up). Have been searching web pages that WORK (which basically hasn’t to this point).

Don’t look for anything but cosmetic changes yet, though. I am rebuilding the entire flow of the site, and that means I have to have all the new pages completed and connected before I can take them live.

So the mess that it is (though with new wallpaper) will continue a bit longer.

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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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9 years ago

Would you mind me asking ‘why split everything up so much?’ ?

What are your thoughts behind spreading your products over multiple domains instead of hosting one single domain with separate categories?

This isn’t a criticism, but a genuine curiosity of the pros and cons. I am facing the same dilemma, having currently 2 domains, but one is for fiction while the other is for how to play pool. they are very different ‘topics’ but I’ve wondered if I should consolidate things under a single domain offering all products I might create now and in the future.

Reply to  Holly
9 years ago

nice answer! think I shenaniganned you into extending your word count for today by a few extra thousand by accident. sorry ’bout that!

and thanks 🙂

9 years ago

Holly, do you squeeze your Tube of Toothpaste World from the middle, or the end? 🙂

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