Good words, a fun scene, and the very good tension of upcoming danger

Today’s words came easily, and were fun to get.

I started by reading through the last few paragraphs from yesterday, picked up where I left off, and today’s scene flowed nicely, introducing both a long-running “failure to mention something important” by one of my important secondary characters, and then a second such “gee, why would anyone need to know that?” from the same character.

This particular unreliable protagonist has been fun to write from scene one in Book 1 onward, and he continues to both amuse me and make me want to whap him with a fly-swatter (or something bigger) on a pretty regular basis.

My folks, including my main character, are piecing together a dubious rescue attempt into dangerous territory — and while I have no clue how this is going to work, or what’s going to happen next Monday, I do have the entire weekend to let it percolate in the back of my mind, and run little footsteps through my dreams.

Most excellent writing day.

And a big, big thanks to the folks who are funding my Ko-Fi for the three hours daily that are making it much, much less stressful for me to write these five books. If you’re one of those folks, please make sure you’re on the mailing list for the weekly blog updates, because at the point where I’m ready to take these live, I’m going to have to make sure your name in the acknowledgements is spelled correctly (or whatever you want me to put in instead of your real name).

I’ll let everyone know its time to send me the name you want in there from the email address you use on Ko-Fi. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll just use what you have in the Ko-Fi account, but I know a LOT of folks have previously (when I was on Patreon) wanted something different than what was in their account.

We’re, best guess, still about a year and a half off from that. But it’s definitely worth mentioning now, so that you can make sure you’re on the list.

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