Look at the difference your ‘write series fiction’ questions made!

By Holly Lisle

Last week, I asked folks to throw their toughest questions about writing series fiction at me. And I posted my tentative class plan for bringing out How to Write a Series, Version 2, to show you what I was already planning on answering.
Original Class ConceptThe response I got was tremendous. Fantastic, intelligent, well-thought-out, and in some cases, really frustrated questions.

Your questions completely changed the way I was looking at the class and at what needed to be in it. I’ve been working nonstop since then, figuring out how to create the class YOU need, how to fit everything in, how to make this a great experience that will teach you to take your series fiction where it needs to go.

I wanted to make sure I answered every question inside of a lesson, so I:

  • copied out all the questions,
  • sorted them into categories,
  • put them into the order you have to learn this
  • based on what you have to know first…
  • and what builds on what you’ve learned before


And this is what I came up with…

The updated class diagramYou can see from the NEW diagram that getting the answers to all of your questions into the class added an extra month and a half of lessons.

I know that the diagram is tough to read if you’re on a mobile device, have visual difficulties, don’t have a big screen, or just don’t like looking at big images. So I also added…

The Downloadable Course Plan

How to Write a Series Course Plan

This is a PDF with the complete outline in text format, so it will be machine-readable, if that’s a consideration.

Your questions affected every lesson but the first four (three of which which were already done).

They will affect the price of the class, too. The final price will be somewhat higher because of the extra month and a half of lessons.

It will not affect the introductory price of the class.

Here’s what I said in the first email I sent out on opening How To Write A Series: VERSION 2:

When the class is completed, it’s going to sell
for $377, or five monthly payments of $77/month.
(Assuming I don’t get a lot of questions that require
me to make it longer).

When I open it for … ah … Splinter-Hardy
Writers, you and I are both acknowledging that
you’re getting good, battle-tested information
in imperfect, gonna-have-to-be-revised
first draft.

It also means that if you ask a killer question
in the class while I’m building the course, your
question may be answered by a lesson which
will expand the size of the class, but not the
amount you pay for it.


You aren’t going to pay the final price,
whether it’s $377 or more.

For the folks who don’t own it already, however,
if you join when I open the class to new

You’ll pay either $40/month for five months, or $197 total. No matter how big the class gets.

So let’s talk about price, because I know it’s a huge consideration.

The folks who get in early get the price I promised in the email.

I said it, I meant it, and if you buy early, you’ll get every in-version upgrade, addition, and update with no extra charge ever.

BUT there’s a price schedule:

  • Until Lesson 8 is published: $197 or $40/month for 5 months
  • Then until Lesson 12 is published: $267 or $55/month for 5 months
  • Then until Lesson 16 is published: $337 or $70/month for 5 months
  • Then until lesson 20 is published: $407 or $70/month for 6 months
  • Then the final price: $457 or $77/month for 6 months


I’m hoping to do the lessons at a pace of one per week. If I can hit all the deadlines, that will be a price bump every four weeks. When I don’t get derailed by WordPress eating my site (which is what crashed the progress in Version 1), I’m pretty good at hitting deadlines.

So figure you’ll have four weeks to get in before any price increase.

Folks who owned any version of the How to Write a Series EXPANSION already own VERSION 2.

The four-week free bonus mini-course at the end of How to Revise Your Novel DOES NOT count.

To find out if you already have the upcoming class, please check first to see if it’s in your classroom:


This is going to be launching REALLY soon. Keep an eye on your email for the How to Write a Series is LIVE! notice.

If you don’t get email from me and you want to secure the best price early, sign up here.


Big-Class Owners of How to Think Sideways and How to Revise Your Novel WILL GET the 20% Big Class Student discount on all prices of the class, up through completed final. You’ll have special discount purchase buttons in your classrooms.


ADDED around 8 PM:

I just discovered than in the PDF version (which I’m using to write the detailed course description for the registration page) I forgot to include the details on LESSON 24.


LESSON 24: Preventing Series Burn-Out: Your Readers’ and Yours

  • Twisting in New Directions
  • People You Thought You Knew
  • New Faces, New Places


I aplogize for the omission.

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