Good news

The stressful family crisis finally resolved last night, and I feel like I can breathe again for the first time in a weeks. No guarantees that everything will stay all right, but they’re good for now, and that will have to be good enough. Since this involves me only as the mom, not as one of the parties involved, I won’t go into more details. For those of you who offered encouragement and prayers on such vague information, my thanks. The problem was huge, and its resolution is equally so.

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5 responses to “Good news”

  1. Holly Avatar

    I’m so grateful for even the partial resolution of the moment. There were those couple of weeks of blind panic and frozen-gut fear where not only could I do nothing, but everyone stood to lose so much. We’re past that for the moment, though it still isn’t too late for everything to go all to hell. And again, I have to be a spectator, and I am not well suited to spectatordom.

    I offer daily thanks that sanity continues to prevail. And I only remember to breathe sometimes.

  2. Bettye Avatar

    I’m glad there has been some resolution.
    Sometimes I think it is much harder being the mom of adults than it ever was being the mom of the underage crowd (and that was a tough gig). So many times the only thing you can do is listen and then go pray about the situation.
    I still want to “fix” things for my kids but that isn’t possible. Maybe it never was but when they were younger I had the illusion it was.

  3. joela Avatar

    Mommy issue? I’ll send that emergency “Good Vibes” just in case. I hope it has new batteries.

  4. shawna Avatar

    Oh, I suppose I should further explain that the image in my head, at that point, was of socks repairing cars…

  5. shawna Avatar

    Good. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to keep in on my list of “prayers and send good thoughts that way” for a while… just because.

    And a side note, kids and I were listening to an old Dr. Floyd podcast yesterday, and he was listing these things he “has degrees in” and I just couldn’t figure out how to explain to the kids what was so funny… as a couple of the things were “Quantum and Non-Quantum mechanics”…

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