Going mean and dark in a scene that was tough to write

Folks who have read my fiction know that when it’s called for, I have hurt my main characters pretty badly.

Cadence Drake in one of the very early scenes in Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood comes to mind as a stellar example.

I’ve been pretty tough with THIS main character, too — but the series of scenes I just wrapped up today went way down into the dark. I’m always careful not to show specifics. I just allude.

But even suggesting what isn’t shown can be pretty scary.

However, my character has already come out the other side of it knowing not just what she can do… but what her enemies can’t. There is power in this, if she can figure out how to make it work for her. She isn’t there yet. 

But this isn’t book five, either.

I love what I got. But I’m so, so, so very happy that I’m through that rough spot, and that I got to finish with something fun and funny… and will get to write more of that tomorrow.

It was a very good day. 1346 words of 1250 planned, and 48,551 total.

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