God, I love my bug-hunters

Am in the middle of one of the LAST of the bug hunter sheets from one of the last of my bug hunters.

And am still locating and fixing new bugs found by more careful readers and pointed out in a format that makes fixing simple — all of this done neatly, concisely, beautifully.

It’s a LOT of work to go through a crowd-sourced bug-hunt, but the folks hunting for me have done an absolutely amazing job.

I’d hoped to take the story live today, it being July 4th and sort of appropriate for the story about the war between the massive PWA and the tiny Bailey’s Irish Space Station. 

Not gonna happen, dammit.

But I’m hoping that Vipers’ Nest can be new and shiny and live on all the platforms where I can get it next week.

Yep. Going wide from the get-go with this one, and with every one from here on out.

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