Goals for the Day

One: Three thousand words on HAWKSPAR.

Two: Finish the second draft of the proposal for RED GLASS BOX. Clair won’t be able to look at it until the end of next week, so I have time to refine it, rethink some more, and make sure that it sings.

Three: Finish the article "I Hate Writing Synopses" for the site. I started it last night when I could have been working through Classical Gas, or Moonlight Sonata — my next "big" piece — or any of the graded exercises I’m so cruddy at. Sometimes the brain asks itself a question that is itching to be answered, and the "how DO you explain how to write a synopsis?" question finally needed to be scratched.

I’ve recently had a breakthrough on Classical Gas, incidentally. While I still can’t even hear the theme when I play the two sections spent on the fifth through tenth frets, I’m now at averaging coherent half-speed to three-quarters speed renditions of the rest of the piece. I’m starting to believe I’m going to be able to do this.

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