Goal for the Day

Okay. My progress bar has taken an amazing 3K leap forward without warning. This is me putting the line-per-scene outline into the .doc file so that I can use it. (Yeah — sucker was 2682 words long.)I’ll now write a scene, delete the related line; write a scene, delete the related line; and so on until the line-per-scene is gone and only a book remains. In sections, I’ll delete a whole bunch of lines, because I have yet to write a book that bears much resemblance to the original outline by the time it’s done. But it’s there. Have my tightrope in place, have taken a deep breath.

2500 words today. And I’ll be doing my own little NaNoWriMo here, since my objective for the next 31 working days is about 77,000 words.

This is the closest I’ve ever managed to come to participating — I’ve always been outlining, or revising, or something in November. This year I’ll be writing. Hot damn.

Watch the little hot pink bar, see if I can pass it by November 27th. That’ll by my NaNo.

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