Giving Thanks, A Day Late

By Holly Lisle

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. For me, I’m thankful this year that:

My 24-year-old daughter, who was rushed into emergency gall bladder surgery at O-dark-hundred on Thanksgiving morning, came through it okay, and that she had someone who cared about her who could be with her in the critical first hours after surgery, when I could not be there (one car, 1200-mile round trip, husband who had to be at work at 5 AM today because he’s the boss and this is Black Friday);

That my 22-year-old son has a buddy whose cellphone works all the way from the Middle East, and that he let my son borrow it to make a call home… and that my son didn’t call before I knew his sister was all right;

I am thankful for:

Cell phones, which have made it possible to reach people in places that would, just a few years ago, have been impossible;

For my big guy and my little guy, who reassured me that everything would be okay, and who turned out to be right;

And for six or seven pounds of potatoes, which took a real beating from scrubbing and chopping while I was waiting to hear how she was doing. Cooking is sometimes not at all about preparing food.

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