Getting close on the WARPAINT bug hunt. #wabwm

I’m down to the final bug-sheet sent in on time for the print version, and my objective is to get the print version into CreateSpace today.

It’ll take a few days to become available for purchase, during which time I’ll go over the remaining bug sheets, and add in any additional corrections found on those, and will get the ebook version up on all the sites when that is done.

Will of course have an early-bird discount on the Cady site for my readers as soon as the e-book version comes out. 😀 (I just this instant figured out a workaround to do an early-bird discount the print version, too. So if you’re interested, I’ll have details on that on the Cady site, too, when the book’s actually available.

I also have a little surprise story I’ll be releasing—a previously unpublished short story that morphed into “C-The Secret Project,” a full-length novel project that I still want to write.

But the short story stands on its own, and I might as well make it available. I really like it.

It’s…odd. 😀

So. Back to work. I’ll report any good news as it occurs.

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One response to “Getting close on the WARPAINT bug hunt. #wabwm”

  1. Jen of Hens Avatar
    Jen of Hens

    This is so exciting!! I toast you with my huge steaming cup of cocoa, complete with mini marshmallows. Mmmmmmm….

    Can’t wait!

    OK – back to my regularly scheduled writing (which is not nearly as exciting as yours! LOL!)

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