Genna’s Dilemma

Yesterday’s writing flew. Got my 2500 words and change, while Genna found a rescuer, and then lost him.

Today, I’m picking up with that—she faces disaster at every turn, she’s alone, she’s lost in hostile terrain, she’s out of time, and all she has to save herself with is a talent she hasn’t yet learned to control.

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7 responses to “Genna’s Dilemma”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Kankamuso—I’m so pleased you found the clinics useful. Thanks for letting me know.

    About e-mail: Removing the easy e-mail links a few years ago broke my heart. I love hearing from readers. But the day I discovered that I was sitting at my desk with a queue of over five hundred wonderful, thoughtful e-mails that had accumulated over a couple of weeks of crazy deadlines, each e-mail deserving of a detailed response, I realized I could write, or I could answer mail and not write, or I could ignore mail and feel like a jerk.

    Everything but writing was a no-go option—the guilt of hearing from so many wonderful people and not answering them got to be too much. So I shut down the public e-mail form.

    But you’re always welcome to post an off-topic comment in the weblog.

  2. Holly Avatar

    The stuff I got yesterday was even cooler than what I’d expected. Betrayals within betrayals, and the blind hounds caught Genna. Thanks for the enthusiastic comments to my teasers.

  3. Bettye Avatar

    Talk about your “startling incidents” and “cliff hangers”, this section sounds as if it has all those and then some. Excellent!

  4. The English Rose Avatar
    The English Rose

    Oh the temptation! I desperately am interested in this.

  5. Chassit Avatar

    Ooh, I really can’t wait to read this book! It sounds so good!

  6. Kankamuso Avatar

    Hi, Holly. I’ve been looking through the site for your e-mail address, but it seems you’ve taken it away (a sensible decision), so I’m using this comments. Everyone please excuse the off-topic.

    I recently purchased your three clinic books and I must thank you for them. The character creation clinic is superb, and it has given me the missing pieces I was looking for in my writing. I’m excited about the newly opened possibilities and it surely shows in my writing quality and quantity.

    Thanks, Holly, for all the advice you give us and for that three books about writing.

    Greetings from Spain.

  7. TinaK Avatar

    Whoo hoo! Sounds horrible for Genna and good for a reader like me. Can’t wait for the next teaser.

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