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From: “Bill J” <withheld>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 6:04 AM


I’d LOVE to write a book faster than I ever thought possible. Why am I hanging onto my $297, you ask? I’m still not convinced you’re able to teach me how to do so.

With all due respect, what I’ve seen so far is long on promises and short on specifics. If you’re prolific enough to be an expert in the field of fast, publishable book writing, I should be able to find a ton of your books in “Books In Print.” My local book stores should each devote a foot or more of shelf space to your works. The Library of Congress’s website should churn out title after title when I enter your name in the “Author” block.

What do I find under the name Steve Manning in the Library of Congress’s website?

  1. Jacksons, a 1976 book about Michael Jackson’s family.
  2. Managing Enterprise Content, a 2003 book coauthored by Ann Rockley, Pamela Kostur, and Steve Manning.

Somehow I suspect #2 isn’t yours, but I included it just to show I’m being thorough.

I’ll tell you what, Steve. Let’s presume that your course is really capable of turning ANYONE, sight unseen, into a writing machine. Let’s take it as read that you can teach me how to write 26 publishable books a year (26*14=364, so I’ll take Christmas off). I have a deal for you.

You send me the course for evaluation, and I’ll send you first class mailing costs. I’ll diligently work through the entire course. I will then apply my new skills to two books, which will take 28 days or less. I’ll send you the $297 once I:

  1. Have my two books published by a reputable publishing house (one that sells books through two or more nationwide “brick and mortar” bookstore chains, such as Waldenbooks or Borders)
  2. Receive an advance of $600.00 or more on said books. As an expert in the publishing industry, you’ll agree that a $600 advance is a pittance for two books.

I’m really anxious to start hogging all the “J” shelf space at my local Waldenbooks, so let’s get started. You’re confident in your product, so you have nothing to lose. Let me know when you’re ready to do business, Steve.

William D. Johnson

From: “Steve Manning” <>
To : “Bill J” <withheld>
Subject :
Date : Mon, 20 Oct 2003 10:53:27 -0400

Hi Bill!

Thanks so much for taking the time to email me with your great offer. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t believe the number of folks, just as dedicated as you, who suggest the same thing, daily. All I can do is repeat that once you own the system, you have an unlimited money-back guarantee. My obsession is that you write your book as quickly and as effectively as possible.

I sincerely wish you well. Keep writing!




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