Gallery of Cover Art

I’ve been the fortunate recipient of some marvelous covers by some of the best artists in the SF/Fantasy field. So I’ve put together a gallery of my cover art, along with some notes on the artists, the paintings, and any input I might have had in the process of their creation. I hope you enjoy the Gallery. They’re JPEGs, so even though I’ve kept them to a reasonable size, they do take a bit of time to load. You have stuff you can read while they’re loading, though. Click on each thumbnail to see that JPG and read about the painting.

Paintings in the Gallery
Midnight Rain Gods Old and Dark Cover art -- Vincalis the Agitator
Cover art -- Diplomacy of Wolves (not final version) Cover art -- Vengeance of Dragons Courage of Falcons Cover -- Fire in the Mist Cover -- Bones of the Past
Cover -- Mind of the Magic Back cover -- Mind of the Magic Cover -- Minerva Wakes Cover -- Hunting the Corrigan's Blood Cover -- Sympathy for the Devil
Cover -- The Devil & Dan Cooley Cover -- Hell on High Original art -- Hell on High Cover -- The Rose Sea Cover -- Glenraven
Cover -- In the Rift: Glenraven II Cover -- Curse of the Black Heron Cover -- Thunder of the Captains Cover -- Wrath of the Princes Cover -- When the Bough Breaks
Cover -- The Enchanter Reborn Cover -- Women at War Cover -- Chicks in Chainmail Cover -- Mall, Mayhem & Magic
Foreign Editions
Diplomacy of Wolves - UK edition Vengeance of Dragons - UK edition Courage of Falcons - UK edition Diplomacy of Wolves - Russian Edition The Rose Sea - Polish Edition
Diplomacy of Wolves - German edition Vengeance of Dragons - German edition Courage of Falcons - German edition Glenraven - German Hardcover edition Glenraven - German paperback edition


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