FUNNY words today — and 1389 of them. It was a very good writing day! Also… HWC Update.

So first the book, because that’s where my morning started. And it was a WONDERFUL morning. Not only did I get 1389 new words, but I also the answer to something that happened in Book 1, and that explained a lot. And I discovered a secret one character has kept through four novels, and just today finally came clean about.

And I made myself laugh. I love when that happens. The words just pop out, and they’re from the part of my mind that has no censor, and that will say goofy things. And this time, they were goofy while revealing stuff about character I thought I knew that gave them some extra depth. 

The counter showing my wordcount is wrong, though, because I discovered this morning that Chapter Five was three chapters long. So I cut all the many extra words from the chapter, and pasted it into a new one. And Scrivener counted them all as new words. The wordcount in the HEADER is right.


On to the frustrating bit. HWC members have started logging into the new site in spite of the fact that NO invitations have gone out, and the other fact that WE’RE NOT DONE YET.

So now I have to go write an email telling all the folks who jumped the gun to log out and wait patiently so they don’t break something.

We’re going to call this Good morning/ Bad morning.

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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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Mil Holmes
Mil Holmes
1 year ago

Not sure what happened to my earlier comment. Your landing page gives the idea that your site is ready. The blue “Log in to your account here” is the most notice-able item on the page. Perhaps you canmake the other headline, “Temporary” bigger to make this line scroll down the page.

Mil Holmes
Mil Holmes
1 year ago

And my friend agrees. I showed her the page and I asked what she would do. “log in”

Jamie DeBree
1 year ago

Congrats on the fabulous writing morning! 🙂

I just wanted to mention, if your web crew hasn’t already thought of it, that commenting out the login fields is an easy way to make sure no one can log into a site until you’re done working with it, and generally only takes a few seconds in the code.

Good luck with the rest of the migration – I know firsthand how much of a hassle and headache that is!

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