Fung, Keto, Before and After Pics

By Holly Lisle

Just a couple of pictures of me, one taken in June of 2007, when I was 46, and one taken of me today, at 57.

I’m in about the same pose, and wearing the same sweater, which I knitted back in 2007.

The sweater is in the picture because this is the ONLY picture I have of me back then, because while I was not yet at my top weight, I was at that point pretty close.

Holly June 2007 not yet highest weight

So… 2007.

And now today…

Holly Aug 3 2018 same sweater

Different houses, eleven years difference in my age, some gray in my hair now. And Sheldon, the Only Cat.

Fung. Keto. No cheating. I know I look older (and yeah, I am older) but I feel about thirty years younger than I did eleven years ago.

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