Fun with Hurricanes, Ver. 3.0

Frances. Ivan. And now Jeanne.

Initially, Jeanne didn’t have me too worried. I mean even after it pulled the Atlantic Loop-the-Loop so it could tour Disney. It tracked well east of us, and though we were going to get it, we were going to get the “clean” side.

Hah. Now it’s managed to tromp along so that its projected path puts us right in the thick of the dirty side. All we need now is for it to reach the Gulf before trotting up this way, and maybe we’ll get it as a tropical storm or a full-fledged hurricane, instead of a depression.

Consider: We haven’t even gotten the damage Frances did repaired yet. When I can afford a place that’s rated to withstand more than sixty-five mph winds, I’m going to these folks.

And, yeah, I’m getting writing done. Having LGD in hardcopy helps. Hell, this way I can still work even if we lose power again.

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