Full-Ride Scholarships for Think Sidways and Revise Your Novel

I have recommended Jeff Walker in the past for writers who need to know how to self-promote and how to create income to pay for their writing—he taught me, and changed my life in doing so.

He has a new class coming up.

But the price can be steep (depending on who you are). When I bought it, I had to do so on the payment plan, and we had to divert money from other things so I could do that. It was the best investment I ever made, but making it was still tough.

I think the course is so important—if you actually use it—that if you take it, and buy through my link, and stay in class, I’ll furnish you with a full scholarship to either of my flagship courses: How To Think Sideways, or How To Revise Your Novel.

Writers who do this will that way get both the knowledge to write (or if you’ve already written, to revise) your work into the best stories you can tell—and you’ll know how to promote it. And a WHOLE lot more.

Even if you don’t take the course, you can get an amazing amount of information free from Jeff simply for signing up for the free videos, blueprints, case studies, and other things he’s giving away.

This is my link. Go sign up, see what he’s offering.

There’s no commitment and he won’t spam you. Jeff Walker is my personal exemplar of integrity on the internet.

NOTICE: Jeff asked me this year to be an affiliate. I accepted. Why? Because this course changed my life; made it possible for me to stop cringing when the phone rang because my publisher was six months overdue paying me and the credit card companies were calling; put me in control of my writing career.

My rule for recommending courses is this: I only recommend things I have paid full price for, that I have used myself, and that I have had success with greater than the price I paid for the course. I make no exceptions no this rule.

Use this link to investigate his course, and, if you purchase and stay, to get a scholarship to either of my two big courses.

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10 responses to “Full-Ride Scholarships for Think Sidways and Revise Your Novel”

  1. WandersNowhere Avatar

    This is something I would be interested if / when I leave my teaching job and go back to Australia. That’s pretty much inevitible as of about a year from now, so I’ll wait until then if the course is still out. It’s very interesting but I feel I wouldn’t have the time or focus to commit to it while I’m still working full time to make the investment worthwhile.

    But when I’m back home and looking to set myself up as a full time novelist and put my other skills to use – Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm >^.^<

  2. Texanne Avatar

    It looks good to me, but it’s your endorsement that seals the deal. Like you guys, i mean to sell my books myself–and my daughter makes soaps, candles, and potions that she’s too shy to peddle herself. That burst of sales looks great for both purposes–new releases of books and also five or six seasons of scented goodies.

    That said, I’ll probably be talking to the Pest Control man when Walker opens his sign-up board. Wish me luck–and slap me on the back (for the choking).

    1. Holly Avatar

      LOL! I know what you mean. Good luck, a preemptive pre-choke back slap, and a cheer. I know you’ll use this course—and if you use it, it works.

  3. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    I am still trying to figure out if his course would be of use when/if I have a book to sell that’s been published by a publisher. Would it help?

    1. Holly Avatar

      It would. With my next new book, I’m going to use it—since publishers have proven themselves so unwilling to promote.

      I’ve used it for a lot of the non-fiction, and it’s been huge for me.

  4. Jessica Montgomery Avatar
    Jessica Montgomery

    I’m in love with this, but like Texanne, I’m awaiting the final price tag. I don’t have any finished works to promote yet, but I’m close to that goal, so this is interesting to me. Thanks for posting the link, and I’ll be sure to stick with the course, should I choose to take it. The benefits vastly seem to outweigh the risks, but I’ll hold my final judgement until I see the end price.

    1. Danzier Avatar

      He put a q&a video up, and lists the price at the end as $1,997.00, with a monthly payment option mentioned but not fully explained. It’s a good ways outside my price range right now, which is a pity because I was starting to get pretty interested.

      1. Holly Avatar

        Yes, it’s expensive. It’s definitely not an impulse buy. That’s why I decided to offer full scholarships to HTTS and HTRYN to any of my prospective students who bought it.

        Back when I was considering buying it myself, Matt and I looked at the price and just about choked. Payments made it possible for us (barely) but we had to do without a lot during the months when we were paying it off.

  5. Texanne Avatar

    I’ve been watching his videos with interest–and some envy–that guy is nuclear-powered! Still waiting for the final pricetag, and trying to figure out how to put a couple more hours into the day. There’s a project I’m working on that could absolutely use some marketing know-how behind it.

    Thanks for bringing him to my attention.

  6. Jessic@ Avatar

    Thanks for this. I don’t think I’ll be buying the course at this time, but I’ve been looking through the free stuff and it’s very interesting. Perhaps something to look into in the future.

    Thank you again for passing this along.

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