From “The Selling of Suzee Delight”

Shower song… figured out the tune and a handful of the words while I was standing in the shower, and where it will fit in the story while I was doing my first five sets of squats.

Adding it as a story note here so I don’t lose it.


The Blood runs north and the Fire runs south
And the ships that sail to the rivers’ mouth
Carry the dead who have gone before
To the Lady of Justice and the God of War

And those who sail these rivers two
Were brave and fair and very few
And carry a grace we never knew
And the white ships sail them home


ACAPELLO (just so I don’t forget the tune when I actually have time to finish writing this)


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10 responses to “From “The Selling of Suzee Delight””

  1. Amy Avatar

    The best little snippets like this ALWAYS come in the shower where you have no means of writing it down. The Muse has a sense of humor. 😉

    1. Holly Avatar

      LOL! The Muse is a pain in the ass.

      I have this morning routine that I do not vary, because if I do I’ll forget my first set of exercises and have to catch up later—so of COURSE I get all this stuff in the shower, and then have to hang onto it through toweling my hair dry, doing five sets of squats or hanging knee-ups, booting up my computer…

      I lose a lot more stuff than I save, frankly. But I figure the stuff I lose wasn’t good enough.

  2. Claudette Avatar

    Holly, I loved the verses and when I heard the melody, it reminded me of one of the songs from LOTR–Into the West, an elven song.

    Great addition to the book–which really has me intrigued, so that I thirst for the next–and to the whole concept of writing a series.

    Thanks for sharing this side of your creative process. And I agree with the others–you have a wonderful voice. 🙂

  3. Maige Avatar

    Wow! I read the lyrics first and then listened to your sound bite. I can’t believe how close the version in my head was to the one you sang! It’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  4. Cheryl Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    One of the hardest things a singer can do is sing the notes of a NEW tune perfectly the same way for two verses – whilst staying in pitch. You’ve got a charming and tuneful alto voice. Thanks for the nice surprise! (And I’m a singing teacher – so I know)

    The lyrics are great, too!

    PS Doing HTWAS with you, so I finished Enter The Death Circus last night – had to read it straight through. Great Start! Your world building is amazing!

    1. Holly Avatar

      To keep the words and tune in my head, I kept singing it while I was in the shower, getting dressed, and then doing my first five sets of squats for the day. (In between sets, not during).

      I did significant revision from my “first draft” in what I’d guess were about fifty repetitions. By the time I got it here, I had it pretty well nailed down.

      I promptly forgot both words and tune later the same day, however. I know I do this—and THIS time I actually managed to save the song instead of losing it forever.

  5. Juneta Avatar

    You have such a pretty voice, and so much talent. I love it. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Rebecca Anne Avatar
    Rebecca Anne

    Hi Holly love the song and you have a really good singing voice.

  7. Ellen Avatar

    That’s lovely!

  8. Irina Avatar

    This is lovely!

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