Friday Snippets for everyone

I was just going to post snippets on Fridays. Zette suggested turning it into a thang, and opening up Friday Snippets to any writer who wants to participate. I thought that was a great idea but didn’t want to run a web-ring. Now, with the very cool Mr. Linky, you can have a link to your Friday Snippet show up here, there and anywhere anyone else is participating, no web-ring involved.

To show up here, just add your name and link to your snippet in my Friday Snippet post.

To add Friday Snippets as a meme on your own site, go to Mr. Linky, register, use the auto-wizard and set up your weblog. Then follow the directions for adding a meme, and use the Friday Snippets code—42. Folks will read your Snippet when you sign in here, they’ll find my snippets when I sign in on your blog, and we’ll all have cool stuff to read on Fridays.

Thanks for participating. I’m looking forward to surfing snippets.


If you can’t afford a membership, you can still add the FRIDAY SNIPPETS meme to your blog.

1. Register at Mr. Linky. (This does not cost anything.)

2. Go to

3. Choose your weblog type, Original Auto-Linkies (the free ones), and the meme you want. Mine is currently all the way at the bottom of the list.

4. Copy the codes and follow the instructions.

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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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15 years ago

Hm. Signed up and played around with… but I’ll leave it ’til next Friday to post something.

That is, if the fine folks who hover around this place are likely to be interested in snippets of a work in progress from a newbie. It won’t be too excruciating a read, I promise!

15 years ago

I think I have it figured out. Thanks, Gabriele. I was having the same trouble as you, and you showed me the way.

15 years ago

Holly, Great idea. Thanks for letting the rest of us share. I’ve posted my link on your page, and I’ll post others on my page as soon as I get mr. linky to work.

15 years ago

Holly what and excellent idea. So much enjoyable reading!

15 years ago

Ok, figured it out. Just pick one of the offered memes and replace it with ‘=42’ in the code.

15 years ago

That’s exactly the problem – I can’t see yours at on that list anywhere, and I’ve just tried again. I’m registered, btw.

It’s one of those days anyway. The German post managed to lose a book I was expecting, one of my roses has lice, I have to get rid of a vasp nest on my balcony (the damn critters are everywhere after the mild winter), my bicycle needs a new tire …

15 years ago

I can’t find the ‘Friday Snippets’ in the list from which to select, and I can’t set up one myself because it’s a paid account feature. 🙁

15 years ago

My Friday snippet is here:

(Is that right?)

15 years ago

Aaaiiieee. Is it again Friday already?

(Rushes off to try and figure this out…. and figure out a snippet to post.)

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