Friday Night

Just woke up, little later than usual. Getting ready to watch a DVD with the guys. But am thinking about words… yours, if not mine.

How’s it going?

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44 responses to “Friday Night”

  1. Greg Avatar

    D&D: 530 and a community forced to relocate.
    OFL: 1030 and a breakdown.
    RFW: 1001 and someone desperately needing help.

  2. Beverly Avatar

    Hey Holly,
    I’m going through the Motivation couse again. I figured out where I screwed up.
    “If you like the results you are getting, keep repeating the same actions that gave you those results.”
    I changed my actions/focus somewhere. And you are right, it all when right down the toilet. I pushed my limits and they pushed back.
    So day I am going to be working on “Where did I change my actions/focus? HOW do I get back to what was working?” Once I can find those two points I’m going to be good to go. Right now I have 31,236 words and 52 pages. It’s going to be interesting to see what is left when I’m done getting back on track. It won’t take me long to get back to where I was. I’m just kind of curious to discover how far off track did I get?
    I have my goal. I want to write stories about what could be.
    Right now the Motivation course has been more help than any other “book” in my writing collection. Thanks again.

  3. Treelight Avatar

    No words for me. I discovered that somehow the 330 words from yesterday were not saved, although I was sure I did so.
    Well, they are not a big loss. I knew what I wrote and it wasn’t even that brilliant.
    However it didn’t exactly cheer me up and I felt a bit exhausted anyway. So I just went to bed early.

  4. Peggy Avatar

    No words for me on Friday. Life happened.

  5. Lisa Avatar

    432 words, and getting really close to the end! I am *so* excited about finishing this draft in time to put it through the Revise Your Novel course when it comes out. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had just about given up on this novel, but it’s gaining new life as I get toward the end, and it’s really exciting! And HTTS is giving me ideas for a sequel. And even though HTTS didn’t even exist when I started this novel, I’m realizing that I put a lot of my sweet spots into this story, and that it has a lot of things I really care about, and, well, I’m starting to believe in it again. Which I didn’t for a long time.

  6. Jessica Avatar

    Well, got 509 on Friday which was pretty unexpected as I’ve been struggling for a while. Thanks for the encouragement yesterday – it clearly helped!

    Life imitated art, however, and like my MC I suddenly came down with a nasty cold! Certainly helped me to describe how he felt though! lol.

    So James had a rather interesting feverish talk with the ghost of he FMC’s fiance. We find out that James is partly responsible for the fiance’s death, two years earlier, but not exactly why or in what circumstances. I left the bait dangling on that one.

    Then today wrote another 479 to lay some undertones of clashing cultures as James has an awkward conversation with FMC’s mother.

    Very happy with what I’ve got; 2 words shy of 35K! Going to get some good sleep and drink lots of fluids now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Don Avatar

    671 today decided to kill off MC’s BFF, it will make things tighter sort of like a narrowing cone. MC may or may not find out she dies in the end also with her love interest how romantic.

  8. Red_dot Avatar

    No writing Friday I ended up hanging out with grandbaby. There was a Delta II launch yesterday. So a little research done, also reading up on fuel cells.

  9. Rabia Avatar

    No words. I took the evening off.

  10. Jim Mitchel Avatar

    Started chapter 11.

    The male MC decided to take a shortcut through a very unpredictable area. Heโ€™s hoping the shortcut will pay off, and he can intercept his kidnapped father. The male MC has been through the unpredictable area once before, and had a very bad experience. Heโ€™s hoping it will go better this time.

    Word count: 694

  11. Larkk Avatar

    1082 words, noodling around, figuring out what goes where, the order things happen, some lines of dialog to get things started, just to get something down in the last scene. A bit nervous about writing it, since it is still perfect in my head, and will most certainly not resemble that. Only one solution for that: write it anyway.
    I think of it like a sketch to color in later. Itโ€™s so exciting to finally be writing it!! Will fill it in this weekend, and canโ€™t wait.

  12. Gabriele Avatar

    Damn, Akismet must really hate me. This is the second time in two days.

  13. Gabriele Avatar

    Horatius Veranius has witnessed those of the staff still alive the third day of the battle commit suicide, but decided if he was going to die it would be with his men, and rides off in a mad dash to find the remains of the Nineteenth. Thanks to luck, his superior horse, and the fact that the Germans fighting the rear – more separate skirmishes than a battle – are not Arminius’ disciplined Cherusci, he gets through to the place where a few hundred (out of the original 5.000) still hold in a testudo formation.

    With the swamps on one side and the German wall on the other, there’s no way out. Or is there? Veranius and his men are going to try and break through. Seing one of their tribunes still alive and caring for them gives the men enough of an edge, even after three days of constant guerilla attacks by the Germanic tribes.

    That will be the fun for tomorrow.

    Btw, I had posted a snippet from an earlier scene but Akismet ate it. It’s back today so if anyone wants to read it: post 38 in The Disappeared Friend

  14. Faith Avatar

    1008 words. I was elated, and definitely found the right time of day when my Muse wants to come out and play… first thing in the morning, when I’m still groggy and my left brain hasn’t become fully conscious yet. This is a breakthrough… I’m very excited. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Dena C. Avatar
    Dena C.

    Word count for today (Saturday) 2001 on the new book.

  16. HannaBelle Avatar

    680 words yesterday on Pedestal.

    Several ideas are vying for attention. I need to spend some time outlining them.

    I did not do any work this week on the non-fiction proposal. Maybe I will do that first today, before Pedestal.

  17. Khena Avatar

    I’m ambling along… slowly… about 20 or so words on Thursday. I wrote 1 sentance then got distracted and never got back to it. And yesterday I was just exhausted, but took a notebook to bed with me and wrote 100 or so words before I passed out.

    I’m so tired of coughing!!!

    1. Ieva Avatar

      20 and 100 words a day is a good enough achievement if you’re not well. So yay for you!

  18. Ieva Avatar

    1000+ words. I was aiming for 500 but got carried away. Finally, FINALLY the guys get the clue to the right book in the library (seemingly unrelated to their problem) and track back to the hreel problem that’s basically driving all their society nuts.
    And it might just be too late for Vega to survive, and for the city to be saved.

    So, whoa. ;P
    I have to work on a short story this weekend though.

  19. Teri Avatar

    Word count for today is zero. I spend some time on outlining the Nano project instead. Still got a lot of work to do on that.

  20. Minze Avatar

    410 words, and things turned out differently than I’d thought.

  21. Leah Avatar

    This week’s count has been dismal, if not nonexistent. I have been extremely busy, and more than a bit troubled by the place I’m currently at in my WIP. So, after blogging about it, I got a few suggestions. Working on them. Will get back to the troublesome scene ASAP. Thanks to those who helped me out.

  22. Joyce Avatar

    1091 words and the first episode of House of Cats is finished. At least, the first draft is. I’m not in love with having to turn around and edit it tomorrow. I would like more time away. But I gave myself a schedule and I made it matter for the story and I’m going to bloody well hit it.

    I’m tired of letting myself down then making excuses so I can pretend it never mattered in the first place. I always tell myself it wasn’t good enough or I can do better if I have more time or I’ve thought of something better now. But I put together a project that I actually want to work on, even when work is the last thing I want to deal with. I’m going to do it right. I’m going to just plain do it. I deserve to do something I’m proud of. So there. ๐Ÿ˜€

    And I’m super excited to post the episode on Sunday. Even if no one reads it, I fully plan on feeling like a superhero.

    1. Teri Avatar

      Well done finishing the epidsode. Good luck with the editing.

    2. Khena Avatar

      Congrats on finishing!!

  23. T.C. Avatar

    Well, I have everything rewritten, only about 349 words today though, really tired, my thoughts just are not flowing.

    So far the software is working well, I think it might work for me, we will see though. Yeah, not much else to say, thanks for the encouragement. I am off to back up some files ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    680 words.

    The Thief sneaks into the Temple and as he has done twice before, jumps into the crystal statue of the Empress. He is teleported to a garden where the Empress of Diamond is admiring her flowers* in the moonlight. She had given the Thief 2 tasks: return the Tear he stole from her and bring her the head of his Mentor. Nervously, he gives a gift to her of the portrait of his Mentor (his Mentor’s head.) The Empress is pretty upset. She asks for her Tear and he admits that he lost it. She casts a spell and he starts to black out. She lets him down and then tells him that during the fight, her Tear entered his hand because he was holding it so tightly and then because of the spells the Mage had put on it, it sought his heart. And that’s where it is now*. So, she says that he did satisfy both of her requirements but now because her Tear is in his heart, he belongs to her. And she imagines she can use him.

    And. Well. That’s it. I mean, I’ve got a couple of scenes I know I need to add but I’ve written everything I had plotted.

    1) She’s admiring azaleas, also known as the Flower of Thinking of Home in China. The Empress is actually a devil trapped in a golem of diamond and magically forced to rule the land. She’s looking for a way out. But that’s another story.
    2) This is actually giving him another source of power and energy because it was fed with the souls of several vampires and humans so that he no longer needs to kill people to live. But I didn’t find a way to work that into the story. I’ve got to get that in somewhere cause it’s kinda important.

    My problem now is that it’s only 61756 words. But I think I wrote most of it way too tight. I know I’m lacking in description in several areas because I didn’t want to slow things down.

    I guess I’m going to put this away for some time to let it rest. Guess it’s time to go back to the Princess of the Crimson Moon. Or to MoMo’s Story.

    1. Teri Avatar

      Congratulations on finishing!

      Good luck with the extra bits that need to go in, and filling it out, but that can wait awhile for an editing pass.

    2. Debora Avatar

      So you finished your draft? That is great news. Congratulations!

    3. Khena Avatar

      Congrats on finishing! I’m kinda sad I’m not going to be able to hear about your characters anymore, though. You’ve certainaly made me want to read it over the past few months =)

    4. Ieva Avatar

      WOW! Congrats on finishing the thing. We’re proud of you!

    5. Larkk Avatar

      Congrats and woo hoo!!!!
      It’s so interesting to read about your progress every day. You offer so much insight to someone like me who has never done this before. Thank you for that!
      And I’ve been waiting 3 days now to find out what the sheriff chose, and you’ve left me hanging! Did I miss something?

      1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
        The Pencil Neck

        That’s one of the scenes I know has to be put in but I hadn’t plotted it originally. I was going to have that entire plot line stop right there where I left it, I was just going to put in some more words. But you’re right. That’s a biggie. Can’t leave you hanging on the Sheriff.

        I think I’ll go ahead and write this scene today.

    6. Red_dot Avatar

      ComgratZ, how many pages do you think you would print if your 61K book was printed? I’m almost halfway and have 26K. Do you have anything published?

      1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
        The Pencil Neck

        I’m another of the newbie novel writers. I’ve had a couple of articles published in magazines but that doesn’t really count; they were basically comedy pieces in some boutique powerlifting magazines… which is where my name comes from.

        If I were to print all this out in a size for a standard science fiction/fantasy novel, it would come to about 245 pages. (250 words per page is about average for that genre.) Using LSB’s manuscript build, it came to 220 pages but part of that is because of some formatting decisions I made during the build and I accidentally suppressed the page breaks for new chapters.

        1. Red_dot Avatar

          Thanks for the info. As I write in word I wonder if my book is too slim, I read that if your book looks skinny you are less likely to sale. I don’t use any writing software, I want to focus on writing not learning a new application, I do see its limitations. I thought you had a few books under your belt already, very excited. We all should buy each others book! Let us know when you publish. I have only written technical documents on applications and hardware for in-house Information Technology.

          1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
            The Pencil Neck

            From what i’ve heard, different genres have different length requirements but also have different avg # of words per page.

            Find a couple of books that are similar to yours and count the words on a few pages and then use that along with the total number of pages to get a rough estimate of the number of words you need. You can also search around and see if there’s anything on the net with the number of words you need.

            And I wasn’t suggesting you learn LSB, I was just pointing out how different pieces of software are going to calculate the pages differently. The process I used to build didn’t add page breaks between the chapters so that decreased the number of total pages from the expected total.

    7. Jessica Avatar

      That’s awesome! Congrats! It’s been such a blast reading your posts, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    8. Treelight Avatar

      I envy you! Congratulations! Have fun with giving your book the final touches!

    9. Patricia Avatar

      Congratulations! It’s great to hear about your work and you’ve really come a long way to get here. It’s inspiring for the rest of us, or for me at least. Good luck on revision! ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Adam Avatar

    Had all kinds of activities tonight, son’s pack meeting, wife’s tailgate party for her company, and family in town. got some more done in ch 10, finished one conversation, and progressed some other things. need to have the MC in another conversation that will get more people assisting in their mission. Then i need his apprentice and brother to get him in trouble with his girl. That will be exactly the tipping point that causes the actions in the next section to make sense (i hope).

    450 words tonight, but tomorrow i’m doing nothing but write hopefully. need to get back on the pace i was hitting the past few weeks.

    hope everyone has a great weekend!

  26. Sarah Avatar

    Nothing today- we move to a new apartment tomorrow! And, thusly, all my time has been spent either working or packing.

  27. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    691 words. Family distracted me, so I wasn’t able to get more words done even though I really wanted to. Now I am very tired and need to get sleep before the busy day tomorrown.

  28. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    582 words today–much better than yesterday! The characters had a conversation about how loyal one of the servants is. I’m afraid the foreshadowing may be too heavy-handed (he’s going to betray them, though I haven’t decided how yet), but that can be fixed later if need be.

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