Free Writing Class: Find Your Fiction Mojo

This is one of those classes I built and then forgot I built.

(Yes, there are more of them, and I’ll get them all back up and running over time.)

But today I stubbed my toe on THIS one.

Just click the cover below to go to the sign-up page for the class.

Mojo 300x300

This is a simple email class with some downloadable PDF worksheets — no payment, no classroom, no personal information except the email address you want the class to go to (has to be your address because you’ll have to confirm the email — you can’t have it emailed to anyone else).

This is a quick start for folks who need to find their way to being excited about writing fiction, and loving what they write. If it sounds like something you could use, go here.

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2 responses to “Free Writing Class: Find Your Fiction Mojo”

  1. Karin Avatar

    Quick comment, Holly – my lovely web-safety software had a little fit about your site and warned me that it was not safe – but I went to it anyway… 😉

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      Thank you for passing this on.

      The site is HTTPS-secured, exclusively mine, and with absolutely no outside advertising.

      Some ad-blocker software doesn’t like my form at the bottom right corner of the page — for reasons I can’t figure out, some software sees it as outside advertising.

      It isn’t. But you aren’t the first person to let me know about this. Problem is, the bottom right email sign-up form is still the most effective one I have.

      When I have something that does better, I’ll dump it and the problem will go away.

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