Frank O’Brien Andrew Is Dead

Tam called me this morning with the news; Frank Andrew and his wife Gretchen drowned while boating on Lake Ponchartrain last weekend. Their bodies were found yesterday. Both were 39 years old.

Frank was a friend and colleague, a choice manuscript critter, an active commenter here, an intelligent, incisive, and joyful human being full of exuberance and delight in life, and quite honestly, I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes, still refusing to believe he’s gone.

Both families are in my prayers.

For me, I’ll miss Frank, though we never met in person. He was a good man, and he is gone too soon.

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16 responses to “Frank O’Brien Andrew Is Dead”

  1. Ebie Andrew Avatar

    I am in tears 15 years later over these posts. Frank is my brother. His birthday is coming up. I miss him more each year it seems. People here really saw him.
    Thank you all for the prayers, thoughts, gifts of kind words.
    Also, Shannon and I have been in contact for many years now.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Ebie.

      I still miss him, and sometimes still think about him. In spite of the fact that we never met in person, we were good friends. I’m glad there are other people in the world who still remember him.

  2. shannon wright Avatar
    shannon wright

    my email address:

  3. shannon wright Avatar
    shannon wright

    I NEED HELP!!! Frank was my cousin. i am so sad to learn of his death this way. i was searching for family members on line by googling anyone I could think of, but not getting very far. richard andrew is my moms oldest brother. if any one knows how to get a hold of him PLEASE let me know. send me an email. or send him my email address. I tried the email address on the blog but didn’t get a response. Any info is gladly received. Thank you!

  4. Jim Avatar

    My thoughts and prayers are with Frank’s and Gretchen’s families and friends.

  5. TinaK Avatar

    How horrible. I’ve so enjoyed reading his comments. 🙁 My prayers to his family and friends.

  6. scottbryan Avatar

    My sympathies as well.

  7. Katherine Avatar

    The Times-Picayune has a short article: Link

    Damn, this sucks.

    Prayers and hugs to their families, and to anyone who knew them personally. I’m sorry I never had a chance to.

  8. catcollins Avatar

    What a horrible and unexpected tragedy. I’m so sorry and will send positive thoughts to their families.


  9. ammit Avatar


  10. Kaitiana Avatar

    So eerie to read the last few entries on his blog about his boat, since I assume that’s where the tragedy occurred. *shiver* My heart definitely goes out to their family and friends. I came perilously close to losing my brother to a severe brain injury over the summer (we lost our father when Dad was 23 and my brother was a posthumous baby and 26 at the time of HIS accident) and I know how tough it is to go through such a loss. I guess I’m rambling now, but they will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Breece Avatar

    My prayers to Frank and Gretchen’s families. I’ve only recently started following your daily entries – sad and startling – and I can only imagine your reaction to the news. I hope you’re doing okay, too.

  12. Angelique Avatar

    Terrible, terrible news. I too will hold Frank and his family in my prayers.

  13. Holly Avatar

    He’s one of the ones I was going to raise funds for. He and his wife were lucky — they only lost their refrigerator. He told me they wouldn’t need help; to give it to someone who did. So I put all the autographed books and the extra crit toward Larissa Ione’s fundraiser.

  14. Bridget Avatar

    Oh this is horrid, tragic! I’ve seen his name in comments here, and other places, many times. I believe he’s one of the writers you helped after Katrina, am I right? I’ll be praying very hard for Frank’s and Gretchen’s family.

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