Four scenes

The big finish is going well. I got four complete, brand-new scenes done this morning, and I love what I got. Manuscript is right at 108,000 words, though after I finish the climactic scenes, I’m going to have to lop off the old ending — so I figure it’ll go down to about 104,000 or so. But then I’ll still need to write a couple of new wrap-up scenes. If I got froggy (and managed a nap this afternoon) I could conceivably finish the thing tonight. More likely, however, I’ll work on it tonight, and tomorrow, and do the final words on Wednesday. I don’t want to rush, but I really am getting good flow through this leg of the run, and I want to stay with it and stay in the story as much as possible. I’ll see how it goes.

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2 responses to “Four scenes”

  1. Rick Avatar

    We’ll all be holding our breath!

  2. zette Avatar

    Yay! Go for it! Sounds like you’ve got the right path this time. Congratulations!

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