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I make a full-time living from writing. I know a lot of writers who would like to do the same. So I’ve written over 100,000 words — all of it available for free in the linked articles to your right — on how I do what I do.

Please understand that there is no One True Way — every writer who achieves publication does so via a different path. But we’re all climbing the same mountain, and it’s alway useful, I think, to know how others have gone up the thing, whether you intend to follow a similar route or an entirely different one.

Use the menu on the right side of this page to find article or FAQ sheets or workshops that you need right away. Or just browse. The articles and workshops detail the route I am taking, and though none of this is written in stone, you might find the one thing that can help you through a current sticking point, or that can answer a question you’ve had for a while.

You can also download my free writing course, Professional Plot Outline,

I have also created an extensive series of off-site writing resources:

  • Writer Crash Tests — A video blog with short explanations of why individual pieces of writing broke, and what the writer needs to do to fix them.
  • TalysMana — A novel I’m posting online in first draft as I write it.  My daughter is collaborating with me by creating artifacts from the world.  You can read for the story, or simply to see how a first draft goes together.
  • My small writing courses — These are courses you can usually work your way through in a dedicated weekend.
  • How To Write A Series — An intensive one-month course on developing, creating, writing, and pitching series fiction.
  • How To Think Sideways — This is my “how to write your novel, write the next one, never run out of ideas, build a writing career, and do what you love every day of your life” course. It’s big. Currently, including bonuses, it runs over six months in length.  This is the first of two courses currently available in my Writers’ Boot Camp.
  • How To Revise Your Novel — An intensive five month, step-by-step run through revising a novel you’ve already written.  The second half of my Writers’ Boot Camp.
  • And I’m creating more.

Above all, don’t give up. Writing (or at least writing well) is hard, but it’s worth it. Your dreams are worth the fight.

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