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For the first time ever, I’m writing a novel in NaNoWriMo — 7 Comments

  1. Losing your ability to dream… that sounds HORRIBLE! I am glad that your ability to write and dream came back! To lose what you have loved you entire life, I couldn’t imagine it.
    The ability to lucid dream is really cool as well. I can’t do it, I can put myself in a world and do anything I want in my mind, when I’m awake.
    Even if I realize I am dreaming in a dream, the thought doesn’t last long at all and I can’t do anything. The last time I remember realizing I was dreaming was when I was being chase by a dragon (yes, I have odd dreams, but that is normal compared to others). I took a wrong turn, and fell. Then I realized I was dreaming somehow, and I literally had to put all my will to wake up. So ya, I didn’t get eaten! 😀

    • The funny thing about it was that I didn’t realize it was gone until it came back. The parathyroid tumor did some really brutal things to me, not the least of which was screwing around with the way my brain works.

      • Somethings are like that, it’s really weird to be honest.
        I also looked at what those tumors can do, (I believe you actually got some of the worst symptoms) and ‘According to the Mayo Clinic, you are more likely to develop a parathyroid adenoma if you’re a woman and over 60 years old’. Remind me to see a doctor more when I turn 60. I still need to see my doctor about my weird walking…
        If you are wondering the website I read

  2. Getting your writing back is incredible. I’m doing NaNo as well as I always do, but I’m working offline, so won’t be joining you in the writing room. Just wanted to say congrats and good luck with this new novel :).

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