Following up: To Merch, or not to Merch…

By Holly Lisle

I got some truly excellent feedback on offering merchandise for the Ohio Novels ahead of publishing them.

Some of it was answering the “What kind of merch do you like?” question, and the answers gave me some great ideas.

Some of it was answering “Who is the real audience for merch?” and the answer was, Fans of the series. Of which there are none yet, because the books aren’t out there yet.

And some of it was: You know, I’m a writer and I really miss the merch.

To which I reply — Yeah. Me, too. I loved my HWC t-shirts, and they’re about worn to death.

So for now, I’m going to bring back the merch for writers. I’ll do spiffy products through a shop on my Ko-fi page so they’ll be easy to find.

The Ohio Novel merch will have to wait until the books are in print — at which point, I have some great ideas for what to offer, thanks to you guys.

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