Flying Ruby

The Ruby Key revision is flying for me today. I’ve also been able to do a lot of worldbuilding, and I cannot begin to describe how much I’m enjoying WriteItNow. Not having to work in three separate windows to add in new terms, develop characters and backgrounding, and work in the manuscript itself has helped me avoid getting sidetracked. Mostly. I did put together my MOON AND SUN soundtrack. And I figured out what the Rule, Covenant, and Promise was.

Moon And Sun

21 songs, 1.8 hours, 108.2 MB

Between The Shadows | 3:41 | The Visit | Loreena McKennitt
Moonbath | 7:16 | Visions Of A Peaceful Planet | Ancient Future
Dúlamán 4:36 | Dúlamán | Clannad
The Mummers’ Dance | 6:10 | The Book Of Secrets | Loreena McKennitt
Seven Widow Forest | 5:51 | Return To Scottish Moors | Jeff Victor
The Fairy Queen | 2:41 | Celtic Collection | Clannad
The Briar And The Rose | 3:23 | Her Infinite Variety: Celtic Women In Music and Song, Disc 1 | Niamh Parsons And Loose Connections
Night Ride Across The Caucasus | 8:32 | The Book Of Secrets | Loreena McKennitt
All Souls Night | 5:08 | The Visit | Loreena McKennitt
Into The West | 5:47 | The Lord Of The Rings: The Return of the King | Annie Lennox
Irish Music | 4:07 | A Celtic Romance – The Legend | Boondock Saints
Return Of The Dumfrieshire Dwarves | 3:33 | Return To Scottish Moors | Jeff Victor
The Tune a Fisherman Hums | 4:23 | Lifescapes Ireland | The Brothers Frantzich
If I Was a Blackbird | 7:33 | Wild and Beautiful | Silly Wizard
Morning Song | 7:52 | Visions Of A Peaceful Planet | Ancient Future
The Hour Before Dawn | 5:19 | Lifescapes Ireland | The Brothers Frantzich
An Gabhar Bán | 3:16 | Clannad 2 | Clannad
Theme from Harry’s Game | 2:30 | Celtic Moods | Clannad
The Fishermen’s Song | 5:53 | The Best Of Silly Wizard | Silly Wizard
Silver Moon Over The Moors | 9:18 | Return To Scottish Moors | Jeff Victor
The Queen of Argyll | 3:28 | Kiss the Tears Away | Silly Wizard

Rule, Covenant, and Promise:

The agreements between the human daylings and the inhuman nightlings.


From sunrise to sunset, humans rule and nightlings hide;
From sunset to sunrise, nightlings rule and humans hide.

Otherkind Covenant:

  • In their hours of rule, humans and nightlings travel at will, anywhere and in any manner that they choose. They do what they please, except that they may not harm the lands, property of the hidden Otherkind without certain reprisal.
  • In their hours of hiding, humans and nightlings stay within their fenced and marked spaces, and if they see or hear the ruling Otherkind about them, hide away in their homes.
  • On the days of coming Full Moon, humans will leave gifts and trade items for the nightlings on the Tall Stones, and will hide within their homes for the whole of the night; on nights of the Full Moon, nightlings will leave gifts and trade items for the humans on the Tall Stones, and will hide within their homes for the whole of the day, in memory of the Day and Night of the Otherkind Covenant.
  • In this manner have we, the gathered peoples of all Otherkind, settled the Great Wars between our many peoples; in this manner have we bought peace and freedom for all the Otherkind, for as long as our peoples do not meet face to face, we can live together without bringing back the times of slaughter and horror.


We will remember the the world before Rule and Covenant, and for the good of our own people and the Otherkind, we will obey both, that we may not live again in such times.

Obviously, Rule, Covenant, and Promise are about to suffer a serious breach. [insert evil grin here]

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5 responses to “Flying Ruby”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Jean—You nailed it. In the first chapter and first scene, even. 😀

  2. PolarBear Avatar

    This just screams for some of the two kind to meet secretly and begin interacting.

  3. fionaphoenix Avatar

    I don’t recognize many of the songs on that list, but anything with more than one Loreena McKennitt in it has to be good.

    The Rule, Covenant and Promise sound intriguing. I know it probably isn’t really effortless on your end, but I am alway impressed at how easily you come up with amazing new ideas. I think I need to go re-read your how-to-write books again. 🙂

    Can’t wait for more on the magic socks!

  4. Angelique Avatar

    I love it…wish I could tap into your brain once in a while 🙂

  5. Gabriele Avatar

    That sounds cool, Holly.

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