Flash Fiction Anthology Update: Three Windows

So, anyway, got into the office at 6 this morning, knowing I had a long day and a ton of work ahead of me. And I sat down with another of my flash fiction stubs: This one was Three Windows: A woman trapped in a room with three windows must choose one from which to escape.

I set my timer, ended up with a 535-word first draft in a bit under 30 minutes, then in 45-minute revision, pulled out a bunch of words, including the first ending, and came up with a new ending that I love.

I have two stories to go to finish the collection, and four remaining stubs to choose from:

The Short War, The Bear’s Bargain, Time Out, and When The Night Light Went Out.

Pretty sure When The Night Light went out will be my next story. No clue which of the other three will call to me.

I’m also trying decide on the title for the collection now.

The Princess’s Coconuts, one of my favorites stories in the collection so far, in is the lead in that regard.

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