So I come in this morning to find out that what had been (when I left yesterday) reasoned, if somewhat heated, discussion in the Rant Cancelled topic had deteriorated to name-calling and chair-throwing worthy of a Jerry Springer show.

I have closed comments on that topic. They are not gone — every word written remains right now, though I am considering deleting the actual flame posts. However, by a quirk of Geeklog, turning off comments hides every comment that has been written, both good and bad.

Here’s the deal, and for those of you who have been hanging with me since I came online, you’re tired of hearing this — and I’m sorry to be saying it again.

I won’t tolerate flames.

This place is my relaxation, my kick-back spot, my place to ponder and think things through and work out ideas for books; I open up the occasional comment because I love discussion, and I love to talk to people, and I love to hear what other people think. I welcome all the light you care to shed. But not heat. It takes the same amount of energy to make either one, but the only one that’s welcome here is light.

This is a virtual extension of my living room, and if sitting in my living room, you wouldn’t say something to another invited guest, please don’t say it here. Having guests setting the couch on fire is not the sort of behavior that encourages me to invite them over again.

I like the folks who come here, and I don’t want them finding reasons to hate each other, either. I’m considering going back to straight No Comments.

Comments are enabled on this post. We’ll see what happens.

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