Fixing It — Publishing In Hell

The Music Fix and recent movie suckage leave a writer wondering — with everything on the screen these days is a remake or a sequel or a televisionization, God help us, will we ever see good movies again? And with music publishers are buying hits, can we dare to hope that other publishers aren’t doing the same? What are the odds of a book making it because it’s good? What are the chances of a movie script that’s original ever seeing a shot at big-screen production, much less landing there?

Here’s my tip for Hollywood — stop with the fucking sequels already. They’re crap, many of them were crap the first time, and they haven’t gotten better with age. Hire people who are movie-makers to pick your projects, not soulless MBAs who don’t give a shit if the movie is good so long as they can project a 20% return above costs. Ditto book publishers. Ditto music publishers. Any long-term increases in your products are going to be dependent not upon the packaging, but upon the product.

Or can you fool all of the people all of the time? If you can, I’m in the wrong damned line of work.

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