Five Hours on the Bug Hunts

By Holly Lisle

Worked from 9 AM to 2:30 PM today on the bug hunts of Longview 6: The Owner’s Tale. 

It was a bit of a fiction orgy, and I was really hoping to have it done today.

Not so much, as it turns out. However, I am down to the last 97 bugs.

Considering that I started with 226, I did pretty well.

And my bug hunters are doing a spectacular job.

I’m hoping that The Owner’s Tale will be done and up on all the sites in ebook from by early next week.

Once it’s live, I’ll put together a print/e-book version of the entire series, because while the entire series is made up of six different stories, the stories read in order make up a single novel.

It was an interesting challenge I set for myself, and I’m very happy with how the ending came together and how the final episode wraps the whole thing up.

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