Five Hours on the Bug Hunts

Worked from 9 AM to 2:30 PM today on the bug hunts of Longview 6: The Owner’s Tale. 

It was a bit of a fiction orgy, and I was really hoping to have it done today.

Not so much, as it turns out. However, I am down to the last 97 bugs.

Considering that I started with 226, I did pretty well.

And my bug hunters are doing a spectacular job.

I’m hoping that The Owner’s Tale will be done and up on all the sites in ebook from by early next week.

Once it’s live, I’ll put together a print/e-book version of the entire series, because while the entire series is made up of six different stories, the stories read in order make up a single novel.

It was an interesting challenge I set for myself, and I’m very happy with how the ending came together and how the final episode wraps the whole thing up.

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2 responses to “Five Hours on the Bug Hunts”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Hi, John,
    This is totally my wheelhouse, but not the right place for it. You’re looking for me at

    Start with the free How to Write Flash Fiction that Doesn’t Suck class here.

  2. John Parham Avatar

    Hi Holly,
    I am working on my first book after receiving my Journalism degree almost 50 years ago. I have been retired from my technology company about 3 years and decided time to write my first book. I am doing my rewrites/edits now and plan to self publish as I understand marketing and technology. Not sure why I am making this post other than I am looking for guidance or some mentoring. I realize this probably is not in your wheelhouse but I am beginning to reach out to Authors to better my path. Also my Flash Fiction story Town That Dreaded Halloween was recently on the Halloween Invisible Room podcast. Also working on my website, not ready yet but not published to public, still stubbing in.
    Happy Thanksgiving! John.

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