First writing session of 2002

Today I’ll work on the book first — that writing tends to go faster and more smoothly. Today I’ll write the Seolar scene I’d planned for Sunday but didn’t get. 2500 words — should be able to get that without too much difficulty.

As for the proposal, I’d like to finish a thousand good words. The full-day breather and some interesting dreams gave me ideas for directions to take, and I’ll see how much of the thing I can round out. One thing I realized is that there is no way I’m going to be able to do it as a first-person narrative, unfortunately. I would have loved to do a massive book in first person. I might do alternating first and third, but probably not. I need today to give some thought to additional characters — I’ve developed two, but the story has outgrown them and trying to keep it to just them is part of the source of my problems, I suspect.

Anyway, time to get to work. I’m going on around four or five hours of sleep, but I ran today, and I feel the better for it. So. Onward, new year before me.

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