First Three Chapters of Create A Language Clinic Available

You can read them here.

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5 responses to “First Three Chapters of Create A Language Clinic Available”

  1. klharrds21 Avatar

    Not sure that this should go here but what the heck. I’m working through the CLC and am having great fun.

    On page 23 you advise the reader to mark one of the sheets as 2-A and tell them that the explanation will come latter. I notice that this sheet is actually labelled ‘B’ and wondered if this was a left over from a previous numbering system changed in the edits. I can’t locate the promised explanation which seems to support this. I just thought I’d flag it up in case you were thinking of a second edition and were looking for fixes. if not ignore me to your hearts content.

  2. Angelique Avatar

    I enjoyed that poem the first time it appeared on the blog. It started my imagination going then! I’m excited to see its resurrection 🙂

  3. shawna Avatar

    Mmmmm. Bummer.

    My phone goes everywhere with me, but the ancient pda I’ve had gets left at home more and more… too big a hassle to carry two around. (Though I always want it, two things in the pockets is just too much- I’ll lose one.) And the cell phone thing up for renewal… and I needed a new phone, mine is on its last legs… and I watched the price of the one I wanted come down $50… and finally said, if it drops $50 more, I’ll do it. And then it did.

    And that was my tax refund treat to myself this year— and with four kids often in various places, I’m never without the phone— so my calendar will HAVE to tag along now, lol.

    At least, whenever they get their act together and get it activated. Never had this much trouble. Sheeeesh. (That’s been my morning.)

  4. Holly Avatar

    PDA died, haven’t been able to afford another one. There are some I’ve looked at, and I would love to have another, and if the money situation ever gets sane, I’ll get one.

    But for now, no.

  5. shawna Avatar

    Totally OT question: I seem to remember at one point that you mentioned using a PDA to write on. Do you still? And if so, do you outline or plan on the PDA? (Yes, I’m looking for software ideas here… hate trying a zillion things and would like some idea of where to start looking.) And if you don’t feel comfortable answering, so be it- I’ll accept that cheerfully.

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