First new fiction deadline: Update on The Wishbone Conspiracy

Wrote for right at two hours today. Got on a roll, did not want to quit.

Got 2269 words on The Wishbone Conspiracy.

Cady has a new job and a new client, and in what has to be a very bad sign, both Storm Rat and Tarko have volunteered to go along with her on this job for her client … unpaid … just to keep her company.


The words came easily this morning, and I had some fun putting together the situation.

Have changed my wordcount and target goals. I’m now looking at 2000 words per day as my objective on this project.

That’s up from both one hour and “about 1500” which is what I comfortably do in one hour.

I did this because I increased the planned length on this novel to 90,000 words. Cadence Drake novels run 90,000 words.


Divide 90,000 words by 2000 words, and you get 45 days. And working on this novel two days a week (Thursdays and Fridays on my current schedule) and without figuring in LIFE, I’ll finish the first draft in 22.5 weeks.

Now add the LIFE MATH. There are going to be a random number of events that screw up a random number of Thursdays and Fridays. I’m going to pull random shit out of the air, and say that there are going to be THREE weeks that get totally screwed up, and in which I get no words on The Wishbone Conspiracy.

That takes me to 25.5. Round up. 26 weeks.

So my COMPLETE FIRST DRAFT goal for this novel is July 25, 2019.

After that it’ll take a month or two to get the revision done, the editing done, the bug-hunt done, the cover art done, and get the book published.


Fiction!! Lot’s of it. Really digging in, doing three projects I love, is clicking with me.

I’m already looking forward to tomorrow, and finding out what happens next.

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