First Ko-Fi Prizes went out yesterday

By Holly Lisle

There was a certain amount of “seriously, you jest”-ness in the issues I had to overcome to get the autographed copies of Character Clinic, 4th Edition in the mail.

But the first prizes for my funders are now on their way. Congrats again to the folks who won the first drawing, and thank you to everyone who’s funding my writing.

Last month, by the way, I hit my $640/month goal for funding two hours of fiction writing four days a week.

The funding went toward 16 hours of revision on Dead Man’s Party, and 48 hours of first draft on The Ohio Series: Novel 1.  I’m working four hours a day Mondays on DMP, and 4 hours a day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on TOSN1.

And making very nice progress.

So… New goal for this month is the same as it was last month. And I’m currently at 4%.

Today, I worked on the How to Turn A Stand-Alone Novel into a Series bonus for the How to Write a Novel class.

I thought it was going to be small. HA! I’m still fighting to keep it smallish.

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