First Goal of the Day — Make Cady Available Again

I’m almost there. Almost. And after nine years, I’m so excited that Cadence and Badger will be in print again.

Watch the progress bar. When it hits 100%, it means that Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood is live. There will be confetti.

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One response to “First Goal of the Day — Make Cady Available Again”

  1. Rogue Avatar

    Hi. I see in WIP section that you’re at 8k with ‘Cady II’ (or is that past info?). That means that I’m so far keeping the primise I made to myself, and that was not to stay behind with my own work – I took ‘Cady II’ as reference. I know I won’t probably make it in the end, sadly, but so far so good. (I’m at 15k). Best wishes!!!

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