Finishing Up the Language Clinic Now

By Holly Lisle

Sample of Written OsjiI’m done with everything but trying to get the file down to a managable size. While I’m working on that, I thought I’d post an example of what you’ll learn to do in the course, copied from the book. The sentence to the left says, “So kiudlingen geskiveet’ninim,” with directly translates into English as “I moonroaded from the fighter.” The full meaning, however, which is tough to translate, is “I escaped the enemy attacker by risking my life and sanity traveling through the deadly, monster-filled alternate dimension by means of moon magic,” with overtones of near-suicidal desperation.

In the Create a Language Clinic, you’ll learn to create concepts that don’t exist in English, invent logical vocabularies and working grammars, develop both spoken and written sentences, learn how to create a stylistically coherent written alphabet, and discover such neat tricks as how to make your world background seem bigger than it is, and how to make the words in your language sound really foreign while not scaring away your readers.

Oh, yes. And create original names for anything in your world in about fifteen minutes.

I’m tremendously excited by the way this book has turned out. Now if I can get the Word file size under 6 MB (really, six megs) I’ll do the Dance of Joy, Numfar.

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