Finishing Thorsday Night: Starting In

Closing on ten p.m., and I’ve had and enjoyed my weekend and a break from work. And, equally important, the story has had two days to sit on the hard drive while I did not think much about it.

From time to time I’d get pings from my subconscious/ Right Brain/ muse, so I have ideas of what I need to fix. But nothing firm yet.

  • First step—read the whole story once straight through.
  • Second step—revise the index cards (all eight of them) to reflect what I want to accomplish with each scene.
  • Third step—rewrite the story to give each scene the biggest impact possible.

Ideally, I’ll have this all done in about two hours, since I generally turn into a pumpkin around midnight whether I have more to do or not. But considering I have to send this to my editor tomorrow morning, I’m up until I finish.

So… I’m starting.

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3 responses to “Finishing Thorsday Night: Starting In”

  1. MarFisk Avatar

    You’re incredible, but you already knew that :). Good luck with the edit, though you’re probably done already.

  2. Craig A. Eddy Avatar

    It’s 12:46 Eastern time (9:46 Arizona Time) and I’m hoping you hit your self-imposed deadline. It’s much better than dealing with “bosses” when your out on your feet. But, somehow, I have the feeling that you did. I also hope your editor likes it.


  3. Tamara Ruth Avatar
    Tamara Ruth

    Best of luck getting everything done before turning into a pumpkin. I have no doubt that you will be successful. Looking forward to reading how it goes. Keeping my fingers crossed that all re-writes will be speedy, detailed, and all that you hope for.

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