Finished Three Orange Scenes

Before me, two reds, two oranges, one yellow.

Then all the green.

I’m now at 120,379 words, and on page 593 of 943. Long day. But I’m getting there.

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5 responses to “Finished Three Orange Scenes”

  1. Holly Avatar

    When does one do the color-coded line-per-scene? Ideally, earlier than I did it. I put this together after I’d written the first draft, started a type-in revision, flailed pitifully on that, did a complete write-in revision, realized that I had a huge number of changes that I was going to make that I hadn’t written in but had just TC’d (crossed out whole scenes and written [To Come] over them), stared at the 1000-page brick on my desk and the already-many-months-overdue deadline and thought “There has to be some way to get through this thing. There just has to.”

    I’ve never done one of these before. I’ve never heard of anyone else doing one. I invented this technique out of desperation, and I have to say that, for books that require a huge amount of revision, it’s a pretty damned good technique. It would be a total waste of time for something that only required a few manageable changes, and that didn’t include essentially rewriting about half the book.

  2. Oliver Dale Avatar

    Okay, cool, thanks. Here’s my next question: is this done after the rough draft (i.e. just for the revision) or before?

  3. PolarBear Avatar

    Oh, and I missed when the yellow cards showed up, but they fit between green and orange, I believe.

  4. Oliver Dale Avatar

    Hey Holly. Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but have you explained your fairly elaborate color scheme? I’m picturing index cards in my head, but can’t quite figure it out.

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