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Finished the revision of Vipers’ Nest! — 12 Comments

  1. Wow! Awesome news, volunteering for bug hunt!
    I think that you are the most brave industrious person in the business!

  2. Congrats Holly! Job well done! VERY GLAD to hear you are going “global” with your books and moving away from KDP select. I am a “Nook guy” myself, and while my single book (soon to be 2 more!) has sold less than hundred copies, it’s about a 60/40 split between Amazon and Nook for me. I do have them on others as well but only 1 other sale came from something other than Amazon or Nook. That goes against the grain of what I had heard from others (some were emphatic in recommending I go with KDP select) but facts are facts…those are my numbers, granted only from my first released book for sale. If you have anything close to that split with the amount you probably sale, you will be in line for significantly more sales.

    • Thank you. Had to change that during the GDPR race to the deadline, and did not spot the typo. Fixed now.

  3. Bravo! And congratulations, Holly! I’d love to bughunt. I chose never to put my self-pubbed stuff on KDP because I want it available elsewhere, too. Missed out on some $, no doubt, but so be it.

    • You can be on KDP and publish elsewhere. You just can’t be in Select, which I dislike conceptually anyway.

      And I’ll be looking for bug-hunters after Matt’s had a chance to read it. He’s doing a content edit for someone else, so I’m waiting my turn.

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