Finished the First Draft of the Proposal

2700 words, give or take a few. It has a good story; it is, I suspect, short on romance. I’ll go over it and see what I can do to beef up those elements.

Argh. Stuff you don’t notice while you’re doing the first draft.

Maybe I could do it as straight suspense …..


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7 responses to “Finished the First Draft of the Proposal”

  1. Rogue Avatar

    Wow. I mean WOW!!! I can’t pull myself together. You really DID answer my post, which, try to understand, for me is like the greatest honour ever. I thought it would be so much harder… that one had to be some close friend of yours to get attention. And it’s hard to tell how happy I am.

    As to my writing. I’m not in as poor a situation as it might appear. My L1 is Polish but I have a B.A. degree in English (or an equivalent – 3 years of studies). And I sometimes actually find it easier to write in English than Polish. The (I hope) neat sentences just pop into my head in English. It takes a lot of dictionary work (and a good thesaurus) though. But I have my reasons 🙂

  2. Holly Avatar

    Hi, Rogue. Nice to meet you. And you have my sympathy. When I was considerably younger, I put a great deal of time and effort into reading in a language that was not native to me, and found that tremendously challenging. I cannot imagine writing extensively outside my native language. You have my admiration.

  3. Rogue Avatar

    Oh. And I gave mself a task (goal) that I would try not to stay behind with my work. As a reference point I track your WIP on Cady II. I probably won’t make it but demanding much of myself might keep me going. At present I’m on 10k (I have a harder job still since I write it in a learned language that English is to me (my second, non native 🙁 )

  4. Rogue Avatar

    Hi. I’m new here and rather green as of yet. Generally I wanted to say that this site is an inspiration for me and a reason I will not give up on my first novel. It is tough, sharing time between night-time shifts, sleeping and writing (and maybe some family life) but I promissed myself I wpould not give up. Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong section. I’ll do better next time.

  5. DementedM2 Avatar

    Hi Holly! I did the ‘leave me logged in’ option, so I should be okay now. No pw to remember! Woo!

    FYI I’ve extended the book giveaway as it was a slow weekend, I don’t think enough people saw the opportunity.


  6. Holly Avatar

    I can send you a new password. You remember your user names? Which one do you like best?

  7. DementedM2 Avatar

    Hey Holly! I got yet another password so I could post a comment. I think I’m up to four now. I’ll try not to lose track of this one (which, in case you wondered, is why I never comment, because I’m just so embarrassed that I’m such a moron. Well, that I never know my password!). Apparently, I’ve run out of memory for passwords.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I’m giving away two copies of your Create A Character ebook on my blog.

    Good luck on the proposal.


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