Finished ‘Interlude: Nate The Lesser Evil’

By Holly Lisle

Got 452 words, got the scene finished, and it’s posted to the mailing list.

This went well, but it also went dark on me. I managed to scare myself a bit, and the new character in the scene, who came about because of some serious Sweet Spot mapping, is giving me nightmares. I have discovered how he thinks.

I’ll get back to Kettan next week.

This has not been a great week for me fiction-wise. Lesson 7 of HTRYN is just plain eating me alive. It’s ground I have not covered in any form or format before, so with every single section, I’m having to dissect how and why I do things the way I do them for the first time.

I love this process of analysis and demonstration. It’s the deadline behind it that’s making me nuts.

Anyway. That was my writing day.

How was yours?

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