Finished Editor’s Revisions on Gods Old and Dark

:: celebrating ::

Tomorrow I print, the next day I mail. In the meantime, I’m going to get into that line-for-scene thing for Talyn.

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About the author: Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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  • David Stone Apr 30, 2003 @ 2:13

    Great news, Holly. Good going!
    I’m looking forward to seeing it in print.

  • Ivy Apr 29, 2003 @ 13:10

    Is this the trick with the index cards that you wrote about in Vision? I’m going to be giving that a try and am looking forward to hearing about how your plotting works out.

  • Peggy Kurilla Apr 29, 2003 @ 12:05

    :raises a can of Diet Coke: Congratulations, Holly!

    Now I just have to wait another year for the thing to hit my bookstores.

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