Finally Starting into the HAWKSPAR Manuscript

By Holly Lisle

Got some great background — GREAT background. I had to have it, it took me way longer than I wanted it to, but last night when I finally started into the manuscript itself, I had the answers to my questions. Things started falling into place.

This is, however, going to be a really big revision.

So I’ll be working on the write-in revision of the HAWKSPAR manuscript today. Counts on the WIP bar will show half of my actual wordcount, to accurately reflect the fact that write-in is only half the revision, and after that comes type-in. So when the bar rolls over to 1K, that will mean I’ve actually done 2K, and so on. Revising a 200,000-word manuscript is, in fact, 400,000 words of work.

But, oh, I’m loving this book.

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